Philippe SavryA stay at one of the « Hôtels Particuliers » hotels: an act of commitment?

Founder and chairman Philippe Savry explains
what makes a stay at a Hôtel Particulier such a special experience.

In an era obsessed with immediacy we forget where we have come from. Cultivating a taste for history and all things authentic, Hôtels Particuliers offers us hospitality rooted in our origins, in beautiful, noble residences. Rather than opulence or flashy design, let’s cultivate the timeless harmony of French aesthetics and elegance, says Philippe Savry with feeling. That conviction came to him 40 years ago when he discovered an abandoned mansion, now the Hôtel du Général d’Elbée, on the island of Noirmoutier. Philippe Savry savours the memory:That was my first adventure in bringing back to life the personality of an exceptional house.» From that day he devoted all his energy to reviving the souls of places listed as historic monuments or located in protected sites.

His aim is to offer an atmosphere far removed from the day-to-day: a special alchemy of escapism, reflection, simplicity, peace and quiet that opens the way to another kind of happiness. Each of our hotels invites guests to share in the spirit of the place. To contemplate the beauty of a landscape, enjoy the silence of a park or garden and read the traces of the past on the walls. These are forms of introspection that help us better understand the ephemeral value of the things around us. Our heritage is the foundation of our memory. Hôtels Particuliers hotels are places steeped in memory, but also sanctuaries of French art de vivre. The refinement of each small detail takes you further in your spiritual and sensual journey. There are subtle menus dreamed up from produce that encapsulates local tradition, while the high-quality cultural offerings include recitals, concerts, exhibitions and museum visits. Staying with us is like coming into a friend’s home and enjoying the warm atmosphere while cultivating the spirit of its ancient stones. A rare and precious pleasure in what is first and foremost a place for living in.